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Providing safe therapy at home 
One out of three people over the age of 65 fall in their homes each year.  Falls are the leading cause of accidental death, non-fatal injuries and hospitalization.
A Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist are uniquely educated and qualified to determine the safest environment in your home.  Our dedicated team of PTs and OTs can assess your environment and determine simple yet effective changes to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones.
In addition, the therapist will assess you in your home and make recommendations to adapt and make sure that you can continue to live safely and comfortably in the environment that you have called home.
Low Vision?  Occupational Therapists can assist those with low vision in maximizing their mobility and independence at home.
Trouble swallowing?  Speech and Language Pathologists are the experts in assisting those who have trouble swallowing, whether due to recent illness, stroke, or other causes.  Our Speech Therapists are certified in the use of VitalStim, which uses low current electricity to stimulate weak muscles and has been shown to improve swallowing ability in just a few treatments.
What are the benefits of Home Therapy?
·        Convenience
·        Energy Saving
·        Safety
·        Functional
·        Motivating
·        Privacy
Eliminate a trip to the therapist by having the therapist come to you.
You will have time and energy for more important tasks.
No need to go up or downstairs to get to your therapy appointments.
Therapy in your home means your needs can be addressed in your environment.
Contracting Rehab Services with DIVERSIFIED Therapy Management
Time & Expertise
An in-house therapy program is likely to occupy too much of management's time and attention. Outsourcing the management of your rehab department to the experts at DTM, your management team and staff can focus on meeting the complex challenges of patient care and facility operations.
Providing great rehabilitation services...  IS WHAT WE DO!
Recruiting & Staffing
There are often a limited number of clinical therapists available. Recruiting therapists can be expensive and time consuming.
Our dedicated team of professionals ensures your rehab department is appropriately staffed with highly-qualified and licensed therapy clinicians.
Marketing & Census Development
In-house therapy programs can lack the continuity and communication necessary to build a positive facility reputation and census.
Our company will work with your leadership to design and implement specialized programs specific to physician and facility needs.
Rehabilitation services administered by a caring knowledgeable staff are a direct link to customer loyalty and recognition as a healthcare center of excellence. With DTM as your partner, your facility will become renowned for its reputation as a community leader in quality care and successful patient outcomes.
Home Assessments and       Rehabilitation Therapy
  •   Make your own choices
  •   Preserve your independence
  •  Stay in your home where you belong.
  • Let us help you be as independent as you can be.
Our company will institute our home assessment program with patients returning to the community. This program will maximizing the safety of their environment and offers a higher customer satisfaction upon discharge.
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