Diversified Health Partners, LLC      Legacy Business Partner - Expert Management Team with Solid Solutions!
                                                                        We work directly with executive management and owners to design a plan that will assess and build upon your strengths OR identify target areas for future development and success!
Experience the Diversified Difference and Partner with us.
Consultant and Management Contract Solutions:
Health care operations.
Risk management.
Turn around situations.
Marketing Options-design a plan and incorporate strategies. 
Marketing and Sales Building.
Recruiting-Administrators and DON's.
Financial Care for Health care: financing, capital project consulting, cost accounting, medicare and medicaid cost report preparation
Clinical Dietitian and Dietary Operational Solutions

Workforce Excellence, Human Resource Expertise, Labor Management, Business Coaching
Don and Administrator Mentor Programs.
Contracting Rehab Services with DIVERSIFIED Therapy Management

Time & Expertise
An in-house therapy program is likely to occupy too much of management's time and attention. Outsourcing the management of your rehab department to the experts at DTM, your management team and staff can focus on meeting the complex challenges of patient care and facility operations.
Providing great rehabilitation services...  IS WHAT WE DO!
Recruiting & Staffing
There are often a limited number of clinical therapists available. Recruiting therapists can be expensive and time consuming.
Our dedicated team of professionals ensures your rehab department is appropriately staffed with highly-qualified and licensed therapy clinicians.
 Rehabilitation services administered by a caring knowledgeable staff are a direct link to customer loyalty and recognition as a healthcare center of excellence. With DTM as your partner, your facility will become renowned for its reputation as a community leader in quality care and successful patient outcomes.
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